Our Management Service

Exclusive Management Service

At Richardson & Wrench South Sydney, property management is the heart of our company, and, as with all aspects of our business, our clients receive the highest level of service.

Richardson & Wrench South Sydney is one team with two locations, working in conjunction with our Richardson & Wrench Elizabeth Bay / Potts Point office.  We offer a large infrastructure and market exposure at a personal level meaning you only need to speak with one person for all of your property management needs.

Our personable approach is a feature we proudly emphasize.  We believe strongly in building relationships to achieve results, between yourself as our client and ‘Landlord’, and with your ‘tenants’ to ensure honest, efficient and reliable administration.

Put simply, our aim is to alleviate any potential stress or unnecessary follow through on your part, and make the process of property management a pleasurable, successful experience.

The Richardson & Wrench South Sydney Difference

When you list your property with Richardson and Wrench South Sydney your property is open for inspection 7 days a week 24 hours a day globally.
Via our user friendly website www.rwssyd.com.au, we upload to all major websites, including: www.realestate.com.au, www.domain.com.au, www.rent.com.au, www.myhome.com.au, www.rentfind.com.au, www.abcrealestate.com.au, and www.homehound.com. Your property can also be seen in our prime, street font window display or listed with a prominent relocation agency.

Tenant Selection
We follow a strict screening process of any prospective tenant(s) to ensure your property will be in good hands.  We confirm the stability of employment, character of the individual, capability to service the weekly rental, previous rental history outlining cleanliness and payment records and obtain a 100 point identification check.  Richardson & Wrench South Sydney is also a member of Tenant Reference Australia in which all prospective tenants are checked for previous rental defaults on a national database.

Landlord Insurance
We strongly encourage all of our landlords to take out Landlord Protection Insurance.  This insurance will cover you for loss of rent, damage and theft of you contents (such as paint, carpet, appliances etc) and legal expenses.

Our office is a member of the Real Estate Institute of New South Wales.  Our property management staff are kept up to date with the latest tenancy legislation, market statistics and our on-going professional development training programs ensure that our knowledge and skills are always at the peak of the industry.

Periodic Inspections
Once the tenancy has commenced we inspect the property after three months to ensure that the tenant is maintaining the premises to the highest standard.  After the three month inspection if the tenant maintenance is up to our standards we will complete following periodic inspections at least once per year.  On completion of a periodic inspection we forward you a written inspection report outlining the condition of the property and any maintenance or structural repairs that may be required to keep your investment in optimum condition.

Rental Arrears
We monitor tenant rental payments on a daily basis and any arrears are acted upon immediately.  When an arrears problem is detected we will contact you immediately to advise you of the situation.  Tenants are contacted and followed up with verbal and written instructions, email, SMS and personal visits to rectify their rental arrears.

We have a reliable team of tradespeople (or you can use your own) to carry out any repairs that are necessary.  We monitor all repairs closely and action is taken according to your instructions.  When notified of repairs we will contact you immediately to discuss a resolution. Your monthly statement will contain any expenditure for that month with any invoices for work carried out attached. Organisation of repairs by us on your behalf is included in our management fee.

Accounting to You
Each month, we prepare and forward you a detailed rental statement for your property.  All incoming and outgoing disbursements are detailed.  This statement can also be emailed to you if you are travelling or living overseas.  Your rental monies will be directly deposited into a nominated account or forwarded to you by cheque with your statement.  At the end of each financial year upon request, we forward you an end of financial year statement detailing the income and expenditure for each individual property you own*.  This report is a consolidation of your monthly statements and provides easier accounting for your taxation purposes.

* Charges apply

Free Services

Tenant Database Checks
We are members of Tenant Reference Australia which is a National Database of tenants.  When a potential tenant applies for a property we automatically check their record on the database to check for previous defaults.

Periodic Inspection Reports
We complete a periodic inspection three months after the commencement of the Residential Tenancy Agreement and annually thereafter.  On completion of the inspection we forward a detailed written report outlining the condition of the premises.

Insurance Claims
We prepare and submit your Landlord Insurance claims.  This includes photography, quotations and preparation of documents.

Where practical we will erect a For Lease sign board
Extensive exposure in our street front window display
Listing on our daily Leasing brochure
Conducting Open for Inspections including all signage
Private appointments six days a week (where access is permitted)
Photography and detailed descriptions of your property designed to appeal to the current market.

We can arrange payment on your behalf for Council Rates, Water Rates and Strata Levies from the rental income.  The notices will be attached to your monthly statement.
Schedule of Fees

For a full schedule of our fees, please contact our senior property manager on 8399 8222.


We guarantee our property management services

Every Richardson & Wrench South Sydney client is happily provided with a no strings attached, money back guarantee. If any of our clients are not fully satisfied with the service they receive during the first three months of Richardson & Wrench South Sydney managing their properties due to any of the following expectations not being realised, all management fees and leasing charges made by Richardson & Wrench South Sydney during the period of management will be fully repaid.
We are that confident of the level of service that we provide to all of our clients.

What you can expect from Richardson & Wrench South Sydney

The following is a list of client expectations that the Richardson & Wrench South Sydney Property Management Division Team has established as a ‘bare minimum’ service level that will be provided to all of its clients.

Marketing Expectations

  • You can expect that a ‘For Lease’ sign will be erected on your property (if signs are allowed);
  • You can expect that your property will be listed on our website with comprehensive and descriptive copy plus at least two and up to five digital images;
  • You can expect that the property will be open for inspection to prospective tenants at least one day every week until it is leased (provided access is permitted).

Leasing Expectations

  • You can expect that every tenancy application received on your property will be referred to you for your decision;
  • You can expect that every tenancy application will have a Tenancy Reference Database search carried out on each of the applicants;
  • You can expect that all business and tenancy references will be thoroughly checked and that you will be advised of the results;
  • You can expect that your property will be leased at the amount of rent as outlined in your Managing Agency Agreement or higher and that the property will not be offered or leased at a lower amount without your specific approval;
  • You can expect that once the tenancy application has been approved, the tenancy agreement documentation will be completed at the earliest possible opportunity;
  • You can expect that a comprehensive condition report will be completed prior to the commencement of the tenancy;
  • You can expect that the successful applicant will receive a comprehensive information pack detailing their responsibilities while residing in your property; and
  • You can expect that a copy of the signed and executed lease, condition report and Tenancy Reference Database check form will be forwarded to you immediately after possession of the property has been granted to the successful tenants.

Property Inspections Expectations

  • You can expect that whilst your property is vacant, it will be inspected at least once every week;
  • You can expect that we will conduct at least one annual routine inspection of your property and provide you with a detailed report on its condition, both internally and externally;
  • You can expect that your tenants will be contacted within the first ninety (90) days of their tenancy to ensure that all is well with their tenancy and the property (provided access is granted);
  • You can expect a comprehensive out-going inspection will be carried out when your tenants have vacated the property and its condition will be compared in detail with that listed on the in-going condition report;

Rent Collection Expectations

  • You can expect that we will make all efforts to collect the rent in full on or before the due date of payment
  • You can expect that if payment has not been received by the due date that your tenants will be contacted.
  • You can expect that all arrears are monitored on a daily basis;
  • You can expect that if the rent is not paid within fifteen (15) days of the due date, a Termination Notice will be issued advising the tenants to vacate your property within fourteen (14) days1; and
  • You can expect that an application will be made to the tribunal for hearing at the expiration of the Termination Notice.1

Rent Processing and Account Expectations

  • You can expect that you will receive a monthly itemised report showing all income and expenses relating to your property;
  • You can expect to receive a year end summary of all income and expenditure for the preceding financial year; 2 and
  • You can expect that any rent received will be remitted to you at the end of each month (a list of all dates will be supplied to you at the time of signing the agreement).

Repairs and Maintenance Expectations

  • You can expect that we will not proceed with any repairs that exceed your specific written instructions unless they are deemed of an urgency that warrants immediate action;
  • You can expect that we will use only qualified trades people to carry out repairs and maintenance to your property; and
  • You can expect to receive copies of invoices for all repairs carried out to your property.

Communications Expectations

  • You can expect to be promptly advised of any matter affecting your property or its tenancy;
  • You can expect to be immediately advised of prospective tenant response following  every time your property is open for inspection or advertised;
  • You can expect to be promptly advised every time your tenant is issued with a Termination Notice;
  • You can expect to be promptly advised every time an application is made to the tenancies tribunal;
  • You can expect to be informed immediately if your tenant advises of their intention to vacate the property; and
  • You can expect to be informed every time your tenant advises their intentions regarding the renewal or otherwise of their tenancy agreement.

1 This is the very earliest that this action can be taken under the Residential Tenancies Legislation.
2 Charges Apply.