Mark Dawes

Mark Dawes

With a 9 year backgound in property management and project/residential sales, Mark Dawes opened the R&W Alexandria|Waterloo office in 2003.

His broad experience across the entire real estate sector allowed Mark to quickly establish a reputation for hard work, honest advice and fair dealing. Both sales and property managements have flourished through his commitment to business practices that are transparent to both sides of every transaction - vendor and buyer, landlord and tenant.

After more than 11 years focusing on inner-city property in and around Alexandria and Waterloo Mark has unsurpassed knowledge of the market forces shaping real estate in his local area. That intimate knowledge translates into a benefit for his clients who know they will receive untainted advice, without over-inflating.

Mark has instilled a culture of excellence within the team that he leads with customer service always first and foremost.

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